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BMK Bossar Modular Kit.

The basic design of the BMK series is based on the modular frame construction composed of 3 independent modules:

  1. Unwind Module
  2. Pouch Forming Module
  3. Filling Module

BMK Features.

All the models of our BMK range have standardized groups and increased machine features so that they can be adapted for any kind of filling system or fitment.

After evaluating the product characteristics and the application, our Engineering Department recommends the most suitable dosing unit. The Bossar BMK machines are equipped with two filling stations that enable to fill more than one product into the same pouch.

Bossar machines are equipped for the insertion of straws, of spouts or zippers in the pouches.

BMK Technology

Technology. Mechanical Motion

Mechanical technology consisting of cams..

Transport. Walking Beam

Traditional walking beam transport system consisting of beams and grippers. They hold the pouches and transport them through the diferent stations, from the pouch forming to the pouch closing.

Mirror Machine Option

The machines can be designed in a mirroring position, so that less operators are required to carry out the production.

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