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PUC perforated disc mills are used for crushing lumpy solid pieces and for mashing materials such as fruit, vegetables and meat, for the pre-comminution of soy beans and in general for the production and processing of foodstuffs, chemical and cosmetic products and the comminution of soaked paper.

The principle of the PUC perforated disc mill is based on a knife bar rotating close to the perforated disc. The product is comminuted by cutting and impact forces between the knife and the perforated disc, forced through the holes in the perforated disc and then discharged by a driver wheel or impeller.

The perforated discs are designed for easy replacement; discs with different hole diameters are used depending on the product and application.

Type O

PUC type O perforated disc mills have a fully enclosed motor. There are always operated in a vertical position. Materials can be fed to the mill either in-line via directly flanged piping or via various different types of hopper adapted to your process. Type O perforated disc mills can be supplied with various widely used types of connection (threaded nozzle, flange, tri-clamp, etc.).

Type O perforated disc mills are available in standard sizes with capacities between 150 and 20,000 kg per hour depending on the material processed.


All units are available with various single and double-acting mechanical seals and with lip seals (PTFE) in accordance with FDA requirements. The seal is integrated in a seal mount which is identical for all types and sizes of perforated disc mills. This facilitates the installation of the seal and later replacement with a different seal system, if necessary.


For most PUC mills, a variety of accessories and options are available, including:

  • recirculation system for recirculation of material through the cutting system via a hopper
  • ATEX (explosionproof) version
  • version designed for sterilization
  • feed and discharge pump
  • skid
  • mobile version
  • frequency converter
  • IE3 standard motors for various voltages and frequencies
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