Hosokawa Micron - Linrex mill

Vendor: Hosokawa
Type: Khác

Materials such as rubber have elastic characteristics and are difficult to grind under normal conditions. However, by chilling them to below the brittle point, the material becomes fragile and can be ground by impact.

By utilizing the low temperature grinding method, the Linrex Mill takes advantage of this characteristic and can grind such materials effectively while preventing degeneration of the material from the heat generated during grinding. A standard low temperature grinding unit consists of a raw material chilling section, feed section, grinding section, product collecting section, cool temperature (sensible heat) collecting section, coolant feeding section, and control section. Out of these sections, selecting an appropriate grinding method is the most important. The Linrex Mill has an internal classifier and utilizes an impact grinding method to efficiently grind the materials. The Linrex Mill has an innovative energy-saving design where the freezer and cyclone are stored in a compact cold insulation box to minimize cool temperature loss.
("LINREX MILL" is a registered trademark of HOSOKAWA MICRON CORPORATION in Japan)

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